Saturday, June 24, 2006

We're havin' a heat wave...

June began cold and wet. Last week it was pleasant -- partly cloudy, mild temperatures.

Today, as I write, it's 92 degrees. Tomorrow it's supposed to get over 100.

I intended to do some late planting of annuals in the front garden, but the soil there is bone dry and just as hard, so I finally dragged out the sprinkler hose and it's getting a thorough dousing. The whole bed needs renovated, so there's no point in planting any seeds until I at least get some cow stuff dug in around the places I want to plant. Otherwise it's going to get just as hard again when it dries out.

The lettuce bolted, the peas that I planted back in February (Planting Peas, Striking Gold, Pea Sprouts and Peach Blossoms) are at the end of their productivity, so pulled both out. I planted new lettuce seeds, some where the old lettuce had been, some in the shade of the now-towering asparagus, to see if it would do better there in the summer's heat. Alas, the peach tree got hit with a bad case of leaf curl, so all those lovely blossoms never had the chance to produce a peach. But the broccoli and cauliflower that I started from seed (Bouncing Baby Broccoli) are doing nicely so far. I gave them a good watering.

I'd put up some pictures, but it's too stinkin' hot out there right now. Maybe I'll get some in the morning.


hanna in Cleveland said...

Ugh. That is far too hot. I am not looking forward to that heat eventually coming here. We have another month or so, but it is coming. :(

Reading Dirt said...

It's cooled way down to the 80s now -- just tolerable in the morning and evening. This is not normal weather, even within our year-to-year fluctuations. Time to get out and plant some trees and counteract some of that ol' global warming.