Friday, June 09, 2006

Stepping Stone Project: Complete

At last, the concrete stones from my first major concrete poetry project (besides the single stone that said "welcome") have been poured, the letters pressed into them, and the lot have been allowed to cure for a while. They should probably cure another week before anyone walks on them, but I was ready to get them off of the back deck, so I laid them out on the newly renovated bed under the crabapple tree. I don't expect anyone to go traipsing across them there, so they should be fine. You can't really tell in the picture, but the five of them spell out "grow where you are planted." A nice sentiment for all of us -- and perhaps a command to my new transplants? "Grow! Yes, grow! Don't die! Grow!"

A couple of closeups show the lettering and decorations a bit better. Here's "grow where you":

And here's "are planted":

The marble decorations came from the floral aisle in the craft store. I used opaque glass rather than the transparent glass, because I thought it would look better in concrete for this project. Either would have been fine. Transparent deep colors would look more jewel-like.

And some more pictures from around the garden, since I had the camera out.

The nuthatches are working on a second brood in the nesting box in the front yard. They finished one brood late in April. I caught one of them bringing food to the current set of nestlings:

A clump of bright pink dianthus that's just come into bloom. I'd forgotten I'd planted it!

One of the pink petunias that I grew from seed that I got from Thompson and Morgan:

And a look up into the crabapple tree, where the Lincoln Constance rose is busy blooming away, scattering rose petals far and wide:

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