Monday, June 19, 2006

Green Blog Project

Foodie gardeners will want to check out Ginger and Mango: Green Blog Project. The author wants her readers to grow something themselves, make something to eat out of it, and post the picture of what they grew along with the recipe. This was just a quiet little food blog, but the Green Blog challenge seems to have upped the traffic many-fold. What food-loving gardener could resist?


Annie in Austin said...

Thank you for the link - that is such a cool blog, with food unknown to me. I love to read the recipes, although making them is not very likely! Now that a few tomatoes have come in. and there's enough basil to cut, just eating them 'as is' seems right to me too.

Another snapdragon, Annie

Reading Dirt said...

Yep, some pretty exotic-sounding food on there. It will be fun to see what the results are, if people around the world are contributing recipes.