Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Chocolate Garden

I was looking for several things on when I came across this interesting product: Chocolate Garden.

It's a tin containing seeds of chocolate covered perennials, to wit: " Chocolate Flower, Chocolate Columbine, Midnight Candy Phlox, Chocolate Royale, Chocolate Nasturtium and Royal Chocolate Painted Tongue." A chocolate-loving gardener's delight!

While it's rather late in the season to start seeds for this year's garden, in warmer regions gardeners could start perennials to plant in the fall and overwinter for next year's blooms. Or put this one on your "wish list" for Christmas.


snappy said...

hey i took that test too and i'm a violet.Mmmm yum yum where can you get that choc seeds box?I want to add it to my wish list for Xmas for Sallyanne to get me.

Reading Dirt said...

I've got a link there on the post to Amazon. You can add it to your Amazon wish list so long as it's still in stock.