Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pea Sprouts and Peach Blossoms

This week, I'm seeing green: little, crinkled pea sprouts from the peas I planted a month ago. Hooray! They're finally up, and in droves! I planted them a bit thickly, so there will be some thinning to do, but I'm glad to see them finally popping up.

They're lined up along the edge of the asparagus bed. Soon I should be seeing asparagus spears poking up through the mulch.

And by the same bed is my dwarf peach tree, now in its third year and -- wonder of wonders -- bearing lovely pink blossoms! I absolutely must get out and spritz it again with copper. Curl-resistant though it is supposed to be, it did get hit with peach leaf curl last summer.

Ah, so much good food to look forward to this spring and summer!

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