Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Has Sprung!

According to the calendar, it's the first day of spring. Someone tell the weather gnomes -- they still sent frosts last night. Good thing I didn't remove the remay cover from my overwintered lettuce as I thought I might in the relative balmy sunshine of yesterday.

Looking for a good way to celebrate spring? How about joining the people of Iran in a rowdy Nowruz ("New Day") celebration? In spite of all efforts by stuffy ayatolahs to put an end to the ancient tradition people still light firecrackers and bonfires on the evening before and do a lot of hooting and hollering, then pack up picnics the next morning for a day communing with nature. Reminds me of Calvinists trying to do away with Christmas several centuries ago, or modern-day fundamentalists wringing their hands over Halloween. People just wanna have fun. Any excuse for a party, right? Read all about it in the New York Times online (registration required): Ayatollahs Aside, Iranians Jump for Joy at Spring.

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