Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wayside Gardens Internet Sale

I got an email from Wayside Gardens yesterday announcing an internet sale. Order through their website and get 15% off an order of $75 or more from now through July 21. The secret coupon code is "wayside discount." Here's the link to the site: Wayside Gardens.

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Claudeth said...

I received an email promotion for pine rope garland and fresh pine wreaths. I thught this would be a great holiday decorating; since you can recycle the garland and wreaths after the season. Well, I placed the order, which stated my account would be charged immediately, and shipped. So after a day when my account was not charged, I contacted Wayside to find out if there was a problem. I was told by the Customer Service that the product was sold out and they would not receive any before Christmas. I was disappointed, but c'est la vie! Imagine my surprise when my account was charged the next day, for the wreath order. I immediately called and spoke to another Customer Service Representative who, besides getting snotty with me, informed me that although they were out of stock, they were still taking orders and they would be shipped after Christmas. I found this totally unacceptable and cancelled my entire order, for both the garland and wreaths. I even sent an email to confirm and memorialize the conversation. I received follow-up email, acknowledging the cancellation.

Imagine my surprise when after I cancelled all orders, my account was charged for the garland. I again contacted Wayside, who first tries to they never charge an account for a cancelled order. When I indicated that they had, they were silent. I have demanded my monies returned, my name removed from their mailing list. This was my first experience with Wayside and will be my absolute last.

I submit this to show, that I am not an unhappy customer because I recieved the wrong plants, but because of their abysmal customer service that is causing me great inconvenience at this time of year.

Use them at your own risk.