Monday, July 03, 2006

The garden in July

Even though it's stinkin' hot out there, I did get outside to get a few garden pictures.

First, a look down the lovely throat of a lavender poppy, with its lovely pale crepe-paper petals. I shall save seeds from this one -- I had many more in the past, but this is the only one I've spotted this year:
And as for the lavender itself, it's blooming away like mad, and the bumblebees are having a marvelous time all over it:

The hot border in front, blazing away in a mass of scarlet sage and bright yellow coreopsis. There's Moonshine Yarrow peeping around the edge of the sage, barely visible:

And the Dierama, or wand flower, sending up its long stalks with charming little purple flags waving from them:
Now if it will only cool down enough for me to go and chase the weeds. They're having their way with things all over the garden again.


Annie in Austin said...

Didn't you once call the gorgeous photos in magazines 'garden porn'? Now you're posting some homegrown plants that could fit in that category! That is one lovely poppy. Good luck with keeping the color strain going.

Reading Dirt said...

Me? Garden porn? It's... um... art, yeah, that's it. And I only read the magazines for the articles. Uh, huh.

JN said...

Great photos!