Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Live Leopards -- as Garden Decor?!?!

There has to be one in every community, doesn't there? You know, the person who thinks "neighborly" is for weenies and can't understand why the neighbors are upset with the rifle range or stock car track or whatever bit of macho memorabilia that's appeared in his back yard.

In a neighborhood south of London, it's a fellow -- claiming all the while to be an avid conservationist -- who wants to keep live leopards in 12 foot cages in his back yard. The neighbors are upset, but the magistrates have allowed it after a vet declared the cages "adequate" to house the cats.

Doesn't look like anyone asked the leopards if a 12 foot cage is truly "adequate." Read the story on the BBC website: Man Can Keep Leopards in Garden.

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Water Fountains Den said...

I am a firm believer that garden decor can add that “special something” to a garden that makes it both unique and more meaningful. I think, however, that using live leopards as "garden decor" is kind of “over the edge” and most likely a PR stunt. In this instance, a person's neighbors simply MUST be taken into consideration. :-)