Friday, May 26, 2006

Flaming Stick o' Death, or, How To Get Your Teenager To Help With the Weeding

A few weeks back I ordered a Northern Tools 20,000 BTU Outdoor Torch from with the intention of using it mostly as a weed flamer. My teenage son's reaction was, "Mom! Are you kidding? You bought... a flame-thrower! That is SO cool!"

Nice to know that once in a while, I'm a cool mom.

The boy has been itching for its arrival, and finally it came. Since my son is in Scouts (and has earned his Eagle, no less), we naturally had a tank or two of propane in the house, and in moments he was happily scorching weeds on the concrete pad and down the sidewalk. "Can I borrow this for the next campout to start a campfire?" he asked. "It's the world's largest match!"

Naturally, a weed flamer can't be used on mulched areas, wooden decks, or any other flammable surfaces. Even on asphalt one should be cautious, since the tar can burn. In fact, we were taking our chances using it on the concrete pad where there's a lot of dying moss. But as a chemical-free solution for weeds growing through the concrete or in gravel areas, a weed flamer can't be beat.

Especially if it leads to a teenager asking if he can do the weeding. The Tom Sawyer method, pumped up a few degrees.


Julia said...

Hi Karen,

It's JuliaK from the SCBWI discussion boards. After reading your Cat entry I thought I'd check out more of your blog & this had me laughing out loud! The picture of your son with that flame thrower is priceless! (now I want one! - well, not a son, but a flame thrower - lol)


Reading Dirt said...

Well, at least he's helping with the gardening at last!