Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cut your gardening costs: Go native!

If you're looking to cut costs as well as labor in your garden this summer, consider water-wise planting that includes native plants in your landscape. is still a hot trend, especially in parts of the country that are... well... hot!

Many nurseries now specialize in plants native to the U.S. that require little or no watering during the hot summer months. is one of the finest. I've always recieved top-quality plants from the. But beware: the most water-thrifty plants may be native to the southwestern deserts where summers are hot and dry. These plants may wilt and mold in the humid southeast. "Native" is a highly relative term!

Therefore, when shopping for natives, find out what landscaping plants are native to your region. Check your telephone directory and the internet for local nurseries that specialize in natives. Find out what kind of care the plants need, because some natives can be as fussy as the most high-bred horticultural specimens.

Check out this article on xeriscaping in Colorado: New wave of gardening water-wise

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