Friday, April 14, 2006

Recycle your pots

Article link: Turn Used Gardening Plastic into Botanical Garden Admission

Kudos to the Missouri Botanical Garden, major center of plant research in the U.S. St Louis gardeners who take their used plastic pots to a recycling location near the garden get a free admission ticket. A marvelous way to encourage recycling!

Not all public gardens can afford to give away free passes, and some have free admission already, but many will take used plastic pots for their own needs. If you have stacks of plastic pots piling up in your garage or shed, call your nearby public gardens and see if they need pots. Or if you normally throw these pots away, consider saving them for re-use.

Some nurseries, too, will re-use pots. As at your local garden center, or call a nearby nursery to find out.

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