Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The garden in April

You're only getting closeups, garden-porn style, 'cause the rain-snow-rain-sun-rain-freeze-rain-sun-rain-snow weird weather has limited my gardening time while at the same time pumping up the weeds and making the lawn grow like crazy, so the garden looks like a herd of demented flower fairies have been partying every night without bothering to clean up in between, which I guess they figure is supposed to be my job. And they haven't invited me to any of their parties, either. Hmph.

The bleeding hearts are just starting to put on their show:

A native pink honeysuckle that I planted in the hedgerow is in full bloom. Nice foraging for the hummingbirds.

With all the blossoms on my young Montmorency cherry, I think I'll have enough for a pie this year, if I can get to them before the birds do:

A lovely dwarf iris -- wish I knew the variety name:

A little surprise in the new garden: a tiny morel popping up from the bark dust and wood shavings:

I ordered this dwarf hardy pomegranate from Territorial Seed Company. I've never tried pomegranate before. Sounds terribly exotic, and just the thing for the center circular bed in the new garden:

The Labrador violets have been romping all over the garden and they're blooming like crazy right now. Some folks see violets as weeds. True, these aren't fragrant like the English violets (of which I have a few also), but they do look lovely with their dark foliage contrasting with the lime-green Lady's Mantle. There's a little Corydalis "Blue Panda" just peeking out, too, that bit of lighter green foliage with dainty blue flowers. And ya know, I didn't really plan this. It just turned out that way.

On with the weeding... ::sigh::

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