Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day: trees, flowers, kids, and rain

Earth Day 2008 is closing with torrential rains, flashes of lightning, and a huge roll of thunder that sent our cats stampeding for the farthest corners of the house.

In spite of the showers all through the day, the university campus where I teach managed to pull off some Earth Day events, including a recycling demonstration in the University Center, and several tree planting and flower planting events with the help of the grounds crew.

Here, in a space where an old, diseased rhododendron had to be removed, a contingent of sleepy-eyed youngsters fresh from their nap at the university's preschool gathered around to help plant a weeping cherry. All the kids got a turn at scooping some dirt into the hole. Some insisted on the "big shovel," with some help from a teacher, while others were happier with a trowel suitable for pint-sized tree planters:

In the meantime, crews of bigger kids planted flowers in some of the large planters and flower beds around campus:

A soggy but good time was had by all.

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