Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Pea Experiment, Part 2

Back in January I reported on an experiment with planting peas. Y'see, my grandmother always planted peas on or about Washington's birthday, late in February. The newspaper, however, said they could be planted in January. So in January, a month before I usually plant peas, I planted some, after having soaked them and gotten them to germinate.

Then we were hit with frrreeeeezzzing weather. If anything might set back peas, it would be the weather we had.

Last week I continued the experiment, planting some more soaked and sprouted pea seeds about the same time grandma would have.

This week I spotted a couple of tiny sprouts where I planted the first peas, sprouts that I think might possibly be peas.

More later. I'm going to plant some later this month, and see if mucking about in the winter mud to plant peas is really necessary.

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Anonymous said...

i'm intrigued to know more about this! new as i am, i didn't realize i needed to plant peas early. my niece and i are sprouting some in paper towels and now i'm wondering if i'm going to be getting her little hopes up for no reason? oh well, we shall see i guess! but i'll be checking back a lot on this one!