Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Univent: It works! Hey, Mikey!

February gales have finally given way to a spell of good weather. We've had a few sunny days and temperatures sufficient to warm the inside of the cold frame. And by golly, the Univent was spotted in action, lifting the lid of the frame. Hoorah! After all the trouble the evil little device gave me, it finally works!

The little lettuce seedlings inside survived the freezing temperatures, and are now starting to put on a little bit of new growth. I'm looking forward to fresh lettuce in a couple of months.

While it's still officially winter, spring is just beginning to spring all over the garden. Leaf buds are swelling, and the early spring flowers are just now popping out, a little later this year than last. The Daphne are still in bud, but should blossom soon:
And these lovely little Blue Pearl crocus are popping up in the back yard. I'm going to have to get more of these and scatter them all over.

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Anonymous said...

I have read your posts about your coldframe and univent installation antics. I have the same pair and just got my handyman here today to install the opener. We had the same complaints as you and I sent him home without installing it until I oculd do some research.

We think that the springs may be to much pressure on the frame when it's open, especially since the mount on the lid is not as firmly seated as it should be. What did you do to mount it skew from that plate which holds the lid square? (You said you Jury-rigged it.)

I'm wondering if you are satisfied with it since you've had it for a couple of years. Has it held up well?

Thanks...I enjoyed all your garden photos. Mine is largely veggies (year round) and fruit trees with a few ornamentals mixed in and I live in northern CA.