Saturday, February 02, 2008

Reading Dirt now on Helium!

To the left, I've added a list of articles I've written for Helium, ranging from a kinder approach to getting rid of moles, to a defense of garden snakes, to spring bulbs and gardening for wildlife.

If you haven't seen Helium yet, check it out. It's a community of writers writing articles on all sorts of subjects, and rating one another's articles. If your articles become popular, you may actually earn a little cash. There's also a Marketplace where online and print magazines request articles on particular subjects, for a higher payout if your article is chosen.

You can also earn a few pennies if you invite friends and they start earning cash for their articles. So if you're a writing enthusiast who has enjoyed this blog and wants an easy way to tip the gardener, send an email to bledsoek (stick the little @ sign here) for an invitation to Helium. And thanks for your support.

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