Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Winter Wildlife Show

All it takes is a handful of peanuts to start the show.

First the crows hear the familiar sound of peanuts rattling on the frozen pavement, and they start calling, "Food! Food! Mine! Mine!"

Then come the scrub jays, to claim their share:

Western Gray Squirrels, of course, come running for the handouts, and start swarming all over the squirrel feeder:

A couple of shy Steller's Jays, not very common at our low altitude, joined in this morning:

And as always, the show plays to a fully appreciative audience:


Melanie Rimmer said...

It's great to see you blogging again, and thanks for sharing your wildlife with us. They seem so much more exotic than my own native wildlife, apart from the squirrels which we get here and are a blasted nuisance (I still enjoy watching thei antics though)

Reading Dirt said...

I'm sure U.K. critters look exotic to us in the States. You have the true Robin Redbreast, after all -- our "robin" is a thrush.

Now if you really want "exotic," I'll have to get out my new video camera and see if I can get a movie of the raccoons eating cat food. The pick it up with their little hands and stuff it in their mouths while keeping a close eye on the humans watching them. I try not to feed them, though -- they're destructive beasties.

saya said...

Any kind of wildlife seems exotic to me (even our native kind) since we don't see many animals near our apartment (except for the occasional dog or cat). Love the last pic of your feline welcome committee :)