Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Finds

A round-up of interesting, more-or-less garden and ecology related stuff I've run across this week:

  • Deputy Dog blog shows that without a doubt solid waste pollution is a problem. Holy Shamoley, is it a problem!
  • Frances Moore LappĂ©, whose career as an environmental activist started with the classic cookbook, Diet for a Small Planet, says that we're going to have to make a few simple but fundamental changes in our thinking if we're going to even have a planet to hand on to future generations.
  • Susan Harris at Garden Rant shows a terrific Stickwork Summer Palace built entirely of natural materials. Looks like a soft-serve ice cream made of sticks and straw. I want one!
  • Every now and then the New York Times gets it right with a gardening article. This time it's one on making a salsa garden. (Yes, that's me, the country kid, snarking at them city slickers.)
  • Needled, a needlework blog, shows beautiful photos of the gardens at Arfin, in Scotland. Drool. Now where am I going to get the money to go to Scotland, because now I must go!
  • Another excuse to go to your locally-owned garden center or nursery: The 3-50 Project to stimulate your local economy.


Jo said...

Lol, I've lived most of my life here in the shadow of NY being in NJ and I snicker at city slickers too, though I'm probably one of them to an extent even having grown up in & living in small NJ towns! We've just turned into another suburb of NY anyway ~ part of the reason my husband and I want to move out to PA or TN; to get back to who were are and have some peace, quiet & nature for a change!

Nana Jackie said...

I didn't know I was being "NYT trendy" when I grouped my plum tomatoes, jalapeno and serrano peppers all in one bed and called it my salsa garden. Holy mole!