Sunday, May 18, 2008

Arbor Day tree plant

Doing a bit of catch-up here. The end of the term has been a bit of a bear, what with projects coming in, exams to write, and grading to be done.

Nevertheless I did get out two weekends ago to assist with a tree-planting project in Monmouth a couple of weekends ago. I'd offered some extra credit for my students if they joined in the fun, too, but alas, while several students showed up, none of them were mine. And college students were outnumbered by eager young Cub Scouts, who set the proper example of public service.

Gentle Woods Park on the edge of town was the destination. In the course of the morning we planted about ten trees, some of them flowering cherries, some native Ash. They'll be watered and cared for by park staff until they're established.

More trees for fixing carbon and providing habitat. Excellent.

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