Saturday, January 12, 2008

And another rooftop garden - this one edible

From the Dig In with Kym blog on, a post about great gardens from 2007, featuring the city's first commercial rooftop edible garden. The garden, atop the Rocket building near East Burnside in Portland, feeds the Rocket Restaurant just one floor below. Discarded kiddie pools hold enough dirt to support fresh arugula, lettuce, and other fresh foods for hungry diners.

That's a trend I would like to see spread even further -- restaurants striving for the freshest of produce by growing at least some of it themselves.


bugs said...

hi :) i wish to know how to do some gardening for a small place. i live at manila philippines and i made my own earthbox..i wish to ask you how to make a tupsey turvey (upside down) planter for eitehr tomatoes or bell peppers.
thanks you.

Reading Dirt said...

Just do a web search for homemade upside-down tomato planters, like this: