Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Ugliest Corner -- the Transformation Begins

Only a gardener would get all excited about a pile of dirt:

The bark dust company delivered that this morning -- okay, several hours after they were supposed to have shown up, but it finally came. That's eight cubic yards of a light sandy topsoil, which looks like mostly mineral soil. That'll be fine, especially for the paths between the beds. I have compost cooking away that I'll mix in when I start forming the beds.

After two and a half hours, the pile looked like this:

And I went indoors for some ibuprofin, a hot bath, and a bit of a lie-down.

Back at it tomorrow...


mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

True. Oh, true! I had to laugh. Gardeners always get excited about a dirt delivery. Back when we had a pickup truck my birthday/Christmas/Mother's Day presents were always a load of compost, dirt, or gravel.

Looking forward to more updates on the transformation.

Melanie Rimmer said...

Ooh, this is really exciting. You're bang on about deliveries of dirt. My kids get really thrilled when the guy drops off a lorryload of manure at the allotments.

So what are your plans for the ugliest corner of your yard? I can't wait to see it take shape.

K.B. said...

Aw, if I give the ending away now, it'll spoil the trick! But it has to do with dirt, compost, and a whole lot of rocks scavenged from a nearby construction site.