Sunday, February 12, 2006

Reading our way down the garden path

What's Reading Dirt about? It's a site for the literary gardener. It's all about what's up in my garden, what's up in other gardens, and what I've been reading in the way of garden-related literature lately.

Readers who have written garden-related books are welcome to contact me about getting their books reviewed here. I'm not fond of vanity published books, but I'll look at any from a traditional publisher and self-published (under your own imprint) books. I'll also review gardening websites. Drop me a line, dirt-lovers!


Amy Stewart said...

Cool! Looking forward to reading more. Have you run into Bookish Gardener yet?

Reading Dirt said...

I haven't yet. I'll go take a look. Sounds like someone of the same mind as me!

Daniel Mount said...

Hello reading dirt, check out my wesite due for a june make over and blog [ click on garden journals]. Just found your site today, love it I'll be back for more. I'm gardening in the Seattle area...fledgling writer long time gardener.